Starting tomorrow on Saturday you will be able to download the young adult supernatural thriller Haunted on your Amazon Kindle for free. You can take advantage of this special offer through next Wednesday. But hurry! This offer will not be repeated this year.

One day Denise gets a surprise package in the mail. She opens it up and finds a mirror with all sorts of elaborate woodwork around it. She thinks it is for her mother who collects antiques, but it is addressed to her. When she gazes into it she is shocked. The image gazing back at her doesn’t look like Plain Old Jane Denise Manning, the most average senior in the high school. Instead it looks like a gorgeous blond movie star. Denise may be blond, but she doesn’t look like that, or does she? She turns the mirror this way and that. The image blinks when she blinks. It nods when she nods. It raises its hand when she does. Perhaps she never took a really good look at herself before.

But just as she smiles she hears a laugh. She looks down in shock at one of the carved figures on the mirror. It is smiling and winking at her. What is going on here? Is it Denise’s imagination or something far more sinister? Is she being haunted? Denise had better figure it out before she gets scared to death.