Curse of the Pharaoh #4 Ancient Civilizations On Kindle:

Curse of the Pharaoh by Dora Benley, a young adult thriller, ranks #4 in Ancient Civilizations on Amazon Kindle. Get it before it’s gone.

Lenore Rawlings has always been a loner in the new YA novel Curse of the Pharaoh. She has a pet cat, a dog, and even as snake which is appropriate considering that she has recently moved to Arizona.

Today she must drive her boyfriend and a teacher who is also an archaeologist to the new museum in town. The newest pharaoh from Egypt, his queen, and the court are on display, on loan from Egypt.

But little does Lenore realize that waiting for her at the museum is a boy named Seti, whom she can’t even see because he is invisible. The ghost lingers by the museum exhibit waiting for his lost love with long red hair and green eyes, the very image of Lenore.

When he sees Lenore he thinks she is the reincarnation of his lover from thousands of years before and turns out the lights. Lenore feels a hand on her shoulder.

She has better figure out what to do fast or she might well end up kidnapped by a wraith from ancient times.

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