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Most Recent Masterpieces By Daniel Teran

Most Recent Masterpieces By Daniel Teran: Daniel Teran’s two most recent book covers include Vesuvius Plot and Carthage Must Be Destroyed. In Vesuvius Plot Pliny the Elder battles the Germans in Trier only to have the tribes follow him back… Continue Reading →

Edward Ware Thrillers Newsletter January 2019

Edward Ware Thrillers Newsletter January, 2019: Cheops Books LLC has just published Dora Benley’s latest young adult thriller, Mysterious Neighbor. Picture of cover of Mysterious Neighbor Teenager Madeline Anthony-Pratt climbs over the wall to her neighbor’s house one night to… Continue Reading →

Dora Benley Writes Novels About Italian Culture:

Dora Benley Writes Novels About Italian Culture: We should send notices about the following books to Italian magazines about Italian culture such as Italia Magazine or Italian American. In Caesar’s Lost Legions Augustus has sent Caelius Antonius to the Roman… Continue Reading →

New Category On Edward Ware Thrillers:

New Category On Edward Ware Thrillers: Edward Ware Thrillers Ancestors has appeared as a new category of novels on the Edward Ware Thrillers website at https://edwardwarethrillers.org. The thrillers in the new category concern themselves with the ancestors of Colonel Sir… Continue Reading →

Carthage Must Be Destroyed

Carthage Must Be Destroyed In Carthage Must Be Destroyed Gaius Antonius is inspired by the leading senator and statesman, Marcus Porcius Cato. He turns his talent for drawing into a map making expedition to Carthage where he manages to ferret… Continue Reading →

Cato Sends Gaius To Carthage To Make Drawings

Cato Sends Gaius to Carthage To Make Drawings: Gaius Antonius sat there in amazement as the senators crowded around Cato at the conclusion of the Senate session. They were all gossipping about the last war and all their family memories… Continue Reading →

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