The history of Europe even nowadays has been molded by that long ago Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9AD. As you say the Germans are in charge of the EU and especially its currency. The euro is the devalued mark. Within memory of the failed Nazi empire, Germany is at it again trying to have an empire. But it does not know how. Why? That goes back to 9AD. They kicked the Romans out too soon. True the oldest town in Germany is Trier along the Moselle River. Trier was founded by the Romans. But the power centers and larger cities are to the East in Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich. I bet it would be harder to find Roman coins there, the ones that you can find so easily in Britain. Britain is more the true heir of Rome because it never kicked out the Caesars. But Germany does not have this background. Too bad. You can hear the ghost of Augustus laughing in the distance at the modern EU remembering his lost legions from 9AD.

This view will be reflected in the upcoming Cheops Books LLC publications the Cherusci Plot and Vesuvius Plot, both concerning this pivotal battle.

Cherusci Plot Cover