New Book Cover For Julia: A Romance:

Julia is rushing down the hallway of Marcus Sisenna’s mansion in republican Rome of about 85 BC. The hallway is filled with Greek statues of the classical time period lining the walls on both sides. But on a shelf in front of her she sees a strange two foot statue of a type she has never seen before. She stops cold and stares at it with her hand clapped over her mouth. A bare-chested snake priestess with a flounced skirt has snakes coiling around her arms. She glares straight back at Julia.

What are we describing? The new book cover for Julia: A Romance by Dora Benley to be published by Cheops Books LLC on Monday, April 9, of course. Look for the unveiling on our website soon. Next week enter the Goodreads giveaway contest for a free ebook copy of the new historical romantic thriller.