At 1PM Pacific tomorrow or 2PM Mountain time we will hold the final debate between the two candidates for President of the United States during the election of 1940, FDR and Wendell Willkie. The election of 1940 forms the backdrop of the alternative history thriller, Dark Horse, which is being published on Amazon Kindle on Election Day, November 8. Attend to the debate and vote for the winner yourself:

1)If Chancellor Adolf Hitler asked you as President of the United States would you send troops to help him invade Russia?
2)Would you give former British PM Winston Churchill asylum in the United States? How about the British Navy?
3)What would you do if Adolf Hitler offered you a trade deal with Nazi Germany that was too good to refuse?
4)What do you think of the popular 1940 election pin: No Third International Third Reich Third Term?
5)Mr. President, do you think that running for a third term might set a dangerous precedent for the future?