John Kerry Never Heard of Titus: John Kerry, in an attempt to rankle the incoming President Elect Donald Trump, issued one of the most uneducated, unconsidered statements that I have ever heard a politician make in this country when he said that Israel can’t be both Jewish and Democratic at the same time. It shows that he has never heard of the Emperor Titus.
I would agree that the Jews probably couldn’t practice their religion and act democratic in the western sense if they had never run into the son of Vespasian, one of the three Flavian Emperors of the first century B.C. But in 70 B.C. Titus, then yet to become Emperor, went into the Jewish city and sacked the Temple in the Siege of Jerusalem. This led to the Diaspora, sending the Jews out into the Empire either as slaves or to fend for themselves. After centuries of this experience the Jews became more westernized and Europeanized than their Arab counterparts. That is why in the twentieth century they were able to recreated the state of Israel after almost 2000 years. They can now practice their religion and act democratic in the western sense because of their centuries long experience. The Arabs never experienced such a Diaspora. They are the ones who cannot deal with the westernization experience and all the modern thoughts and idea such as democracy. They are the terrorists. The Jews are not. John Kerry should realize this.
Titus is a character in the upcoming Cheops Books LLC historical thriller about Roman times called the Vesuvius Plot.