The Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel Promo starts on Thursday. You will be able to download the historical thriller about the fabled meeting of Queen Cleopatra and the conqueror Julius Caesar in Alexandria, and you will get it for free for the next five days through the Fourth of July weekend. It might even be a good novel to take to the beach or to that picnic. But hurry! An offer this good won’t be repeated this year.

This historical thriller by Dora Benley opens with Queen Cleopatra in exile roaming about the Sahara Desert with her serving women trying to survive. She is at war with her brother, King Ptolemy. Suddenly the famous Roman general, Julius Caesar, arrives in town and summons Cleopatra to Alexandria. The well educated, clever Cleopatra wants to make the best of a dangerous mission where she risks arrest and execution by her brother’s guards. She wants to make sure that the Great Man from Rome, Julius Caesar, Conqueror of half the world, is on her side before her brother Ptolemy can grab his ear.
The seventeen year old teenager concocts a scheme that will awaken Caesar’s sensibilities and appeal to him directly for his protection. She orders one of her servants to spirit her into Alexandria wrapped in a carpet. She is put down on the floor before Caesar.

“Very well, Queen Cleopatra, you can come out now,” Caesar commands.

With a spring of the wrist, Caesar unrolls the carpets. She finds herself sitting on the floor gazing up into the blue-gray eyes of the Roman conqueror. Cleopatra imagined he would be a colossus with giant sinews and great stature like Hercules. But he is a tall man on the thinnish side with a balding head and goiter in late middle age with a perfectly proportioned bone structure and an aristocratic, firm mouth.

So begins the adventure of Caesar and Cleopatra.

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