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Cleopatra’s Stone: Big New Year’s Promotion

Cleopatra’s Stone: Big New Years Promotion: Cleopatra’s Stone will be the big New Years promotion for Cheops Books LLC. Lucius Antonius has sailed to Alexandria, Egypt along with Julius Caesar’s triumphant legions in pursuit of Pompey the Great. Caesar may… Continue Reading →

Julius Caesar: A Novel Now In Print

Julius Caesar: A Novel Julius Caesar: A Novel is available on Amazon Kindle as an ebook. But now it will also be available as a paperback. You need look no farther than the Cheops Books LLC website at https://edwardwarethrillers.org to… Continue Reading →

Caesar & Cleopatra: A Novel: Promo for Five Days

Caesar & Cleopatra: A Novel: Promo For Five Days: Starting today on Thursday, June 29, Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel by Dora Benley, is available for free download on Kindle. This special promotion will continue for the next five days… Continue Reading →

Caesar and Cleopatra Promo Starts Thursday

The Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel Promo starts on Thursday. You will be able to download the historical thriller about the fabled meeting of Queen Cleopatra and the conqueror Julius Caesar in Alexandria, and you will get it for free… Continue Reading →

Julius Caesar: A Novel Last Day For Promotion

Julius Caesar: A Novel: Last Day For Special Promotion on Kindle: In old age and in exile Servilia, mother of Marcus Brutus, awaited the suicide order from the Emperor Augustus, Caesar’s heir, who put to death all of Julius Caesar’s… Continue Reading →

Prediction for the Future: History Repeats Itself

Prediction For The Future: History Repeats Itself: My Prediction for the future: The EU was the immediate result of the fallout from World War 1 and World War 2, the main political and military events of the twentieth century. The… Continue Reading →

On The Road Again: The Tower of Hercules

On The Road Again: The Tower of Hercules Will you find Cheops Books LLC at the base of the Tower of Hercules in La Coruña, Spain this summer staring up at this Worl Heritage UNESCO site? It is the oldest… Continue Reading →

On The Road Again In Tarraco

On The Road Again In Tarraco Will you see Cheops Books LLC this summer on the ramparts in the northeastern region of Spain’s Catalonia right along the coast in this ancient port city? This was once the Roman colony of… Continue Reading →

Pliny the Elder: Encyclopedia for the Ages

Pliny the Elder, born in 23 AD, was a Roman author, naturalist, navy commander, and army commander of the first century AD who authored the first encyclopedia ever written about the natural world. It is now available in the Loeb… Continue Reading →

German Translation of Captive at the Berghof Part 1:

The fifth chapter of Captive at the Berghof: Part 1 has been posted on the website in the German-language serialization section. We are serializing the novel chapter by chapter as it is translated. When we get to the last chapter,… Continue Reading →

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