The serialization of Captive at the Berghof part 1 progresses at a rapid clip. Chapter 8 is now available in German translation on the Cheops Books LLC website: Go to the Home Page. Click Captive at the Berghof part 1. You will see a listing for “Installments of the novel in German”. Click and find chapter 8 at the end of the column. It is that simple, that is, if you can read German. The language level should be about sixth or seventh grade so if you have learned the basics of the language you might read this as practice as well as for entertainment.

On December 15 Cheops Books LLC will publish Captive at the Berghof: Part 1 by Dora Benley in German, the first German edition of a work and the first foreign language edition ever to be published by Cheops Books. It will be featured at the IBPA display at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October in a pre-publication edition. During the first 5 days after the book is published we will offer it as a free download on Amazon Kindle. So don’t miss that opportunity if you want to practice your German language skills. It would also make a nice Christmas gift for that German language student in your family.

Adolf Hitler threatens Colonel Sir Edward Ware and his American wife, Dora, Lady Ware, that if they do not hand over the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, he will kidnap their daughter, Thomasina Ware. Find out what happens next. Read Captive at the Berghof part 2.