Gefangen auf dem Berghof: Teil 1 in German:

Today Amazon published Captive at the Berghof in German on Amazon Kindle. That completes the first foreign language publication of Cheops Books LLC.

Adolf Hitler threatens Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora, Lady Ware, that if they do not hand over the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, he will kidnap their daughter. The late Lawrence of Arabia has drawn these maps for the British military to prepare for the next European War. Hitler guesses this, and wants to tip the scales in favor of Germany instead of England. Churchill, Edward’s best friend, and the Colonel are running their own foreign policy under the noses of first Baldwin and then Neville Chamberlain and the British government. Tension does nothing but build through Nazi rallies, through the Munich Accords in 1938, but does not stop with the first shots fired after the Polish Invasion in 1939. Finally the war itself will be won or lost depending upon what Edward and Dora do next. Will it be their country or their daughter? They must choose.

Hitler hat über die geheimen Untergrundaktivitäten des Obersts Sir Edward Ware erfahren und kämpft mit harten Bandagen. Er entführt Thomasina, Edwards Tochter und will das Kind nur zurückgeben, wenn ihm Edward und seine Frau Dora den Schlüssel zur Weltherrschaft überlassen – die Lawrence-Karten. Sie müssen schnell etwas unternehmen, bevor Thomasina wirklich zu Hitlers Tochter wird.

A reader left this review:
If you like novels during the period of Adolf Hitler, this one is for you.

The book starts out with a tensely constructed dinner scene with Adolf Hitler. The main characters Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora, Lady Ware are scared that the Führer might kidnap their daughter, if they don’t hand over the Lawrence maps. The late Lawrence of Arabia had drawn up these maps for the British military to prepare for the next European War. Hitler wants them.
The suspense grows from there. Hitler even toys with the Ware’s by holding onto their baby. Great scene.

Through out the story there are large historical figures who have frequent cameos such as Churchill, Chamberlain and Goering. The story is easy to read and has a dark period tone and well written characters.

As it is part of a series, the author was smart to have an ending that leaves you wanting more.