You are invited to the Facebook Party for Salisbury Affair at 2PM on Friday, May 4. We are going to hold a debate between two historians debating the issue of Hitler vs. Putin. The escapade in the novel is created by Hitler trying to sabotage Dora’s and Edward’s wedding at Salisbury Cathedral. The more recent, modern escapade was an attack with chemical weapons on a former spy hiding out in Salisbury. We are going to compare and contrast the incidents, both disturbing the pastoral quality of the town of Salisbury, England. Be there. Win a prize.

Questions For The Debate:
1)Compare Hitler to Putin
2)Was Hitler trying to take over the world? Is Putin trying to destroy the US?
3)Did Hitler use chemical weapons?
4)Was it more dangerous during the 1930’s and 1940’s or right now?
5)Should we treat Putin like Hitler?