Debate For Paris Peace Plot:

Gary Cargill debates Linda Lucy, another character who thinks WW1 isn’t important now and that it couldn’t happen again. This debate is part of his continuing series this autumn, the one hundred anniversary of the end of World War 1, to show how important the First World War is to our heritage even in America.

\On November 11 Paris Peace Plot is to be published. On that day at 2PM Mountain time there will be a debate between Gary Cargill and Linda Lucy about these questions:

1)What happened on November 11, 1918 and how is it significant for today?

2)How was the Paris Peace Conference important?

3)Could it happen again?

L4)What were the people in Gary’s nonfiction, history book doing on November 11, 1918?

Miss Dora Benley has an enemy. She does not know who it is. Somebody is watching her board the Lusitania on May 1, 1915 on the Cunard pier in New York. Aboard the ship eyes follow her everywhere she goes.

When she arrives in England her fiance’s gardener watches Miss Dora Benley, the American heiress, perpetually. When Lieutenant Edward Ware is off fighting with Lawrence of Arabia, saboteurs make her Pittsburgh trolley jump the tracks and crash. She discovers a murderous thug inside her shed in the South Hills of Pittsburgh where her father has his estate.

She has reason to believe that the terrorists are following her fiance during his battles with Lawrence in the Syrian Desert. Near the end of the war Edward is kidnapped and disappears. She travels to Europe to find him and meets with Lawrence of Arabia during the Paris Peace Conference in early 1919. But sure enough dark eyes once again follow her every move.

What do these mysterious saboteurs want with Dora? Edward? They have followed her and her fiance through the entire Great War and beyond. Will Dora and Edward survive the Paris Peace Conference? Will they survive the war? Read Paris Peace Plot and find out.