Edward Ware Thrillers Newsletter November, 2018:

The past month we held special promotions for two young adult thriller titles by Dora Benley, Blue Heron Mystery and Silver Wolf Moon. Both are good location mysteries, Blue Heron set on Hilton Head and Silver Wolf Moon in Yellowstone National Park.

On Armistice Day, November 11, one hundred years after the end of World War 1, we published Paris Peace Plot by Dora Benley. It is book one in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. Miss Dora Benley runs into the saboteur who sank the Lusitania in Paris during the Peace Conference. She almost gets killed.

On November 30 Cheops Books LLC will published Old Faithful Affair and will hold a debate on our website at 10 MT. There is also a Goodreads Giveaway to enter. Win one of one hundred free Kindle copies of the alternative history thriller. Right now you can also pre-order a copy on Amazon:

1933 was the year of Hitler, FDR, King Kong, and the Old Faithful Affair

Hitler threatens Colonel Ware that if he doesn’t hand over the Lawrence maps, he will detonate the supervolcano at Yellowstone.

While they are hiding out from Dora’s husband at the Old Faithful Lodge in 1933, Dora and Edward are also hiding Lawrence maps that Churchill has given them and which Hitler would do anything to get his hands on.

Enter Helga and Herr von Wessel, Hitler’s top spies. They warn Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora that either they hand over the top secret maps, key to world domination, or they will blow up Yellowstone National Park. They will turn the famous geyser basin into volcanic rubble – and the rest of America, too, which would be buried in volcanic ash just like Pompeii.

And if that doesn’t work they have an even darker plot up their sleeves, one that would change history itself.

Old Faithful Affair is an Edward Ware Thrillers Alternative History book.

On December 7 we will publish Egyptian Spy, book two of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War by Dora Benley. We will hold a debate on December 7 at 10AM MT. You can enter the Goodreads Giveaway contest to win one of one hundred free copies. You can also pre-order the novel on Amazon.

Dora, Lady Ware, her husband, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, his boss, Wickie, and Wickie’s wife, Jane, all travel to the Sphinx outside Cairo for the Christmas holidays when Edward’s mother, the Dowager Lady Ware, comes to visit in the 1930’s between the wars.

There are mystery figures hanging about even on top of the Sphinx and Dora cannot quite make them out. When she is left alone for a moment, a stalker approaches her and threatens her if she does not hand over the military maps that they want.

She flees and the stalker chases her. She finds herself on top of the Sphinx with a spitting cobra, only to be saved by Leopold, a young man who has befriended her.

But he is suddenly gunned down. But whom? And who is Leopold? Dora had better find out or she could soon be dead, too, in Egyptian Spy, a new thriller by Dora Benley.