Shutdown vs. Brexit: Background to Edward Ware Thrillers:

Part of the theme of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series is the contrast between England and America. Dora is an American. Edward is British. That is part of the conflict.

Something similar to Brexit is happening here? The government shut down here is nothing close to being as serious as the Brexit mess in England although I’ve seen more than one British commentator thinking as you do about it. There is no full-blown constitutional crisis here. There is no battle between the executive and the Congress, just political games and crap which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and is rather boring. Politicians are trying to do what they always do — get your attention. Most people here don’t even pay attention to it. The average person in Missouri or Kansas doesn’t know anybody employed by the federal government and could care less if they aren’t getting their full pay.

And by the way this political battle between Trump and Pelosi CANNOT wend its way to the Supreme Court. The federal workers could be furloughed for two years and the Supreme Court wouldn’t rule on it.

Did you know that after 30 days of furlough the President has the authority to look over the list of furloughed employees and actually permanently lay off the ones he doesn’t deem necessary? Trump hasn’t taken this tack, but he has the authority to do so. Some Conservatives would take this tack to cut down on the federal bureaucracy and drain the swamp in DC.